Who should join?
Office Managers, Facilities Managers, Executive Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Internal Event Planners, Human Resources Folks, Business Operations, etc. You get the idea.

I am (or I know) someone who performs the daily operations and was denied admittance into the group. Why? Is it because of a weird job title?
We applaud creativity! However, having a title that doesn’t clearly state your role makes our jobs harder. The title “princess ninja” isn’t clearly defined. Another common reason for denial is a LinkedIn profile that doesn’t match your current role or is set to private, and therefore not viewable by us. For instance, you say work at ABC company and your LinkedIn profile says you work XYZ company.

Who don’t we admit into the group?
CEO’s, Founders, VPs, Chief’s of Staff, Staffing Agencies, etc. These are senior administrative roles that go beyond the day to day operations from the trenches. Job seekers that either do not have previous experience within bizops, or who are primarily applying for membership to find a new role or for free consulting. We want every member to be a contributor.

Why don’t we allow most senior administrators?
OrgOrg is not only a great resource, but it is also a safe space to vent and ask for guidance when working on the hard issues, some of which involve senior administration. We would never want to compromise that.

Can I join if I don’t have a LinkedIn profile?
Yes. In this case, please provide the web page of your company directory or a current OrgOrg member that will vouch for you.

What do I do if I have a problem with another OrgOrg member?
We’re all adults here. If it’s a personal problem, the expectation is that you can take your problems offline and/or reach out to that person directly. If the issue does not resolve itself, contact the membership team. If you believe someone is spamming the group or doesn’t belong, contact the membership team at

Can I be kicked out of OrgOrg?
Only if you don’t play nice. Are you spamming, sharing OrgOrg details outside the group, forwarding emails to vendors, selling your products or services, or are otherwise ineligible for membership, etc. If so, you’ll be put on the naughty list. You may get one warning, and then you’re out.

I get too many emails! Help!
You can change your email settings to receive daily digests, summary batches, or no email at all, by going to our Member Support Portal here.


Each post and response goes out to 3,000+ members globally so we need your help to keep things tidy

Search the archives ‐ Many of the questions you have right now have been addressed in previous threads. Look there first but feel free to post if you can’t find the right solution.

Be Clear ‐ Put your location and a complete, abbreviated description of what your goal is in the subject. Remember, people do not know where you are or if you are asking or telling, and many will simply skip over your post if the subject line is ambiguous. So, “[Berlin] Found a Great Plumber!”, or “[SF] What’s a Good Rooftop Event Space for 200?”, or “[Boston] I Need a Whiteboard Mounted” are great subjects 😎! while, ​“Fridge”, or “IT Help”, or “Contractors”, or “Free Chairs” force members to click into your message and are not helpful 😡 (boo)

Respond Wisely ‐ Remember we said that posts hit 3000+ members’ inboxes? A special, special shout-out goes to the classic and simple “+1” and “thanks” family of responses which are scientifically proven to be pure evil and will make eyes roll and members in places that you’ve never heard of judge and hate you.

Do not SPAM ‐ Many of us work for companies that provide awesome products and services but this forum is not the place to market any unsolicited or unrelated service, product, event, or candidate. Trust me, no one needs to know that your sister is looking for a CTO position in Atlanta or that your coworker’s son is selling candles for show choir. That said, it’s okay to respond to a post asking for help with a service that you provide but you’ll get banned if you release information from the group to any 3rd party.


I was contacted by a vendor because of something I said about them in OrgOrg. What should I do?
Contact immediately. With your permission, we will reach out to the vendor letting them know that what they did was inappropriate and continue the conversation from there. The results of these conversations have ranged from apologies and clearing up a misunderstanding to blacklisting for violating our policies. We take these matters seriously, but individually.

The footer of every email sent through the group reads:
Please respect the privacy of this group by never forwarding messages to vendors or non-members without explicit written permission from the poster. For more information about the group’s policies, please refer to the “Welcome to OrgOrg!” email you should have received as a new member.

My company offers a tool that would be useful to OrgOrg! How can I share it without spamming?
When in doubt, email and run your ideas past us 🙂 In general, though, if you write your email from a personal place (ie: hey, this is what my company does, no pressure, email me if you want an intro) vs a salesy place (ie: copy-pasting your sales team’s pitch email into the body of a response), the group will be receptive to it. We’re all here to help each other out, but consider the context and how your email might be received before you hit send!

Can I post a message that asks OrgOrg members to enter their email addresses and contact information to source for user testing, focus groups, product offers, etc. to the group?
Depends. If the survey invitation is for the benefit of the “surveyee” and not meant to collect email and contact information for the company to use outside of the intended use, then it is acceptable to be posted.

Example of an acceptable post:
Hi OrgOrg!
My company is looking for user testers that own a smart phone to participate in a study on Friday. Here is the link to the survey if you are interested! You’ll be compensated $100 for your participation. Your email and contact information will only be used in order to contact you about the test.

Example of an unacceptable post:
Hi OrgOrg!
My company is giving away free product to the first 20 people that email us with their contact information. Here is the link to sign up to receive the free product and be added to our mailing list!

If you are unsure if it is acceptable to post, contact


Email and we’ll get you an answer, and probably update our FAQ, too 🙂