Sometimes, OrgOrg members grow their careers in magnificent ways and start their own businesses! Often these businesses are services that would be useful to our members, but we want to respect the sacred “no vendors” policy of the group…so we graduate these OrgOrg’ers to “Alumni” status and feature them here! Know of a former OrgOrg’er who’s now rocking it as a business owner we should feature on our Alumni page? Let us know!


Miranda is the founder and principal at Milkwood Designs, a design studio and strategic planning consultancy.

Milkwood works with startups to create beautiful spaces that support the company’s culture, communication, and organizational structure. We specialize in strategic planning — consulting with growing startups to help scale their office and culture through design.

Miranda was one of the first OrgOrg members ever. At, her title was “Organization Organizer”, which inspired the name OrgOrg. 🙂


After spending an exciting seven years deep within the fast paced tech start-up world as an OM Joyologist, Trish found my true calling as a Life, Wellness, & Goals Coach. While working to ensure employee wellness and a positive company culture, she found her greatest joy in helping individuals remember their innate strengths and goodness. Guiding folks through getting un-stuck & learning to be more alive became her #1 jam.

Trish’s coaching style is one deeply guided by gratitude, laughter, faith, kindness, joy and compassion. Most of her sessions are done over the phone, as her clients live all over the world. Trish’s writing style reflects the heart of her coaching, and you can find her work in publications such as The Sweat Life, and Elephant Journal.”


We’re so proud of you and your new business!